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  • Protect 1 RT 6 - 10 KVA

    Protect 1 RT 6 - 10 kVA wo batt is designed for IT server and datacenter applications. The multifunction LCD graphical display is reversible which allows to use the UPS on rack or tower. Up to 4 Protect 1 RT 6 - 10 kVA UPS systems can be connected in parallel to get maximum power capacity. Only one battery is necessary with the parallel mode.

  • Protect 5 MOD STR 19''

    The TSL Protect Mod STR is a UPS module for 19" racks and cabinets. Each power module is an independant UPS with rectifier, inverter and bypass. You can place it in a standard 19” cabinet. 10-80kVa (3/3)